Digital Alberta Awards Submissions

The Ember Awards celebrate the best digital work produced in Alberta. Work is evaluated by an international panel of judges based on creativity, craft and effectiveness. Work must have run between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. Entries must be the original work of teams or individuals working in Alberta. Take a minute to read all the fine print.

Submission Details

The name of your creative piece / campaign / app / viral cat video

Who did you do this work for?

Spill it. What was the insight? What drove the creative decisions? How did it perform? Are there any special instructions we need to know like logins or specific paths to take?

Who else helped out on this?

This will be the image we use when we link to your work. Specs: jpegs at 1920x1080 px. (If you have no idea what this means send us a big jpeg and we’ll sort it out.)


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